Interventional Access

PROCTUS Aspiration Catheter

Description :

Proctus Aspiration Catheter is an innovative aspiration catheter designed to offer a balance between crossing performance, kink resistance and thrombus-aspiration capability.


Dedicated tip design with radiopaque marker

  • Excellent crossability while providing atraumatic and effective aspiration
  • Ensures reliable fluoroscopic visibility


Braided shaft with hydrophilic coating and pre-loaded stiffening style

  • Excellent pushability and kink resistance
  • Easy navigation through tortuous anatomies

Large aspiration lumen

  •  Constant, high-performance aspiration throughout the procedure


Item Specifications

  • Choice of three sizes (6 Fr and 7 Fr guide catheter compatibility) for different coronary and peripheral applications


Ordering Information

Sr.No Product Product Code Size Size
1 PROCTUS Aspiration Catheter PRAC670 6 Fr I.D > 0.070* / 1.780mm
2 PROCTUS Aspiration Catheter PRAC780 7 Fr I.D > 0.080* / 2.030mm

General Specifications

Usable Length 140 cm
Distal top hole Length 4mm for 6 and 7 Fr, 7mm for 8Fr
Rapid exchange Segment 23cm
Radiopaque Marker mm located at 4mm from the tip
Positioning Marker 10cm = single white mark located at 90cm from distal tip
Guidewire Compatibility Maximum diameter0.014" (0.36mm)
Coating Hydrophilic