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Description :

PROCONNEKT PTCA Y Connector-(push pull,push click screw) :

Unique push pull system Clean,  safe and fast Essential for  Drug Eluting Stent.
A  unique design For  easy,   fast  and accurate single handed intra vascular device insertion. > Essential for  DES Perfect insertion device respecting the integrity of the coated surface.

Clean  and safe Combination of haemostatic valve and integrated push-pull  button  valve opener. Cleaner and safer procedure with minimized backflow, limiting blood loss

  • Provides a leak-resistant seal   around guide wires, laser fibers, retrieval devices and other devices.

  • Designed for  smooth introduction and removal of urological devices.

  • Y-Adapter design for  additional irrigation connection or contrast injection.

  • No detectable latex     

Ordering Information

  • Units Per Box.
Sr.No Product Code Description Type Small Medium Large
1 PROPYCPPT PROCONNEKT PTCA Y-Connector Push Pull Type 5 50 100
2 PROPYCPCT PROCONNEKT PTCA Y-Connector Push Click Type 5 50 100
3 PROPYCPST PROCONNEKT PTCA Y-Connector Screw Type 5 50 100