Access Devices & Consumables


Description :

Cardiomac offer an extensive selection of accessories for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI),  manufactured to  the  highest standard and customized to your requirements.
Cardiomac specialize in creating bespoke procedure pack solutions and our  team of dedicated clinical specialists and customer focused sales teams will   work  with your  department to  deliver a solution tailored to your individual needs.


Torquer  device for  guide wires.

  • luminescent Torquer  body.

  • wire  grip for  all diameters up to 0.022”



Y-Connector :

For all interventional techniques.

  • with rotational adaptor and Touhy-Borst-valve.

  • F 9.5 lumen.

  • Double Y-connector also available



Ordering Information

  • Units Per Box.
Sr.No Product Code Description Small Medium Large
1 PROPTCA1 PROCONNEKT PTCA Procedure Pack Including puch click single handed haemostasis Y-adaptor 10 50 100
2 PROPTCA2 PTCA Procedure Pack 10 50 100